What is pH Neutral?

Why “pH” is important to you and the environment.

Strong acids or bases are corrosive to skin, eyes and mucous membranes, and can react with other household chemicals. Acids are found in tub, tile and toilet cleaners and in rust removers. Lye in oven cleaners and hypochlorites in chlorine bleach are examples of high-pH corrosive substances that are in many common cleaners.

There is a lot of skepticism of the real benefits of “pH“on consumer beautification, body cleaning and antiperspirants. However, there is a long proven history of the importance of “ph neutral” cleaners on metal plastics, china, glass and cookware. Inorganic ingredients like bleach, sodium hydroxide, “metasilicates” and “caustics” are contained in many cleaners. There “corrosive” pH can easily cause injury, etching, dulling, discoloring and crazing of glassware and other dishware items. On metals like copper, aluminum and stainless these cleaners can etch the metals and leave mineral deposits that turn to rust or lead to corrosion.

Unlike other competitive products, all ESS products have a neutral pH so they will not attack surfaces or peoples skin. ESS products are gentle parts and safe for workers. With no aggressive or “harmful chemicals” they are safe to use on wide variety of substrates. They are made from only the finest organic ingredients that are environmentally safe and gentle. Best of all, they really work. Since they do not include any inorganic material they do not affect water softness. ESS products will work effectively in both hard and soft water.